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AwesomeSmite is a passion project created by me in response to the informational, statistical, and item build resources the SMITE community has in comparison to MOBAs such as League of Legends and DOTA 2. My hope is that this site can change that by providing things such as a statistical tier list, advanced graphs, builds from professional players, etc.
-Added a FAQ page.
-Fixed a bug where info was not appearing on the God page for Joust and Duel.

-Added a feature where hovering (or clicking on mobile) on red/green patch numbers on the x-axis of charts on the God and Stat page will show the changes made to that partiular God for that patch. This should make it easy to see what changes potentially may have led to a stat increase or decrease.
-God icons showing you on hover (or click on mobile) the upcoming changes for that God has returned!
-Added some text on the God page underneath the Pro & GM builds.
-Fixed a bug where the info for Chang'e was not loading.
-Fixed a bug where popovers sometimes wouldn't show up.

-Implimented a caching system. This should speed up load times for information that changes with the filters on the God page sometimes.

-Fixed a bug where some items marked as "Best Choice!" weren't being displayed correctly.
-Fixed a bug where the "Best Choice!" text sometimes wouldn't be displayed.
-Fixed a bug where the item text of Glyphs that also have passives wasn't being displayed properly.

-Fixed a bug where the items section on the God page wasn't loading for some Gods.

-Item info now available on hover for the items section on the God page.

-Added a "Certified OP!" label on the main God list for Gods that are far ahead of the other Gods in Tier 1.
-Added a "Best Choice!" label on the item(s) or item builds on the God page that have the largest win and pick rate.

-Item info will now be available when hovering (or tapping on mobile) on items on Pro & GM builds. It will also be available eventually for the items section on the God page too.
-Fixed a bug where links to the smite pro league site were broken.
-Fixed a bug where the item descriptions weren't being shown on the other pages of the pro builds table on the main page.

-Updated the relics section on the God page for the new relic system.

-Made the URLs for the site a bit prettier. This required a lot of changes, so please email the email address at the bottom of the page if you encounter a bug. Also, apologies if this messed with any page you may have had bookmarked.
-Fixed bug where ability labels on the God page were slightly unaligned.

-Added GM builds in addition to the pro builds.

-Changed the ban rate calculation and added a note about this where old ban rates are displayed.
-Changed the main chart title on the God page to say "Win, Pick, and Ban Rate" when ban rate is displayed.
-Fixed a bug where Death's Temper and Death's Embrace weren't being considered properly for item builds.
-Updated the pro roster.

-Hi-Rez updated the API to include the extra bans in duel that was added a few patches ago, so ban rates in duel should be more accurate now.

-It unfortunately appears that Hi-Rez has now blocked getting builds from hidden profiles in the way that I was getting them. I will still keep pro builds on the site, but keep in mind that most pros have their profiles hidden. I apologize for the inconvenience.
-Trying something else to try to fix the issue of only 3 pros having their matches picked up.

-Noticed that only a couple of pros were having their matches picked up. Going to test something for a day or two to try to rectify that and see if it works.

-Hi-Rez has corrected the error and data collection has resumed.
-The API is currently returning duplicate information. Holding off on collecting data for this patch until Hi-Rez fixes this.

-Fixed a bug on the pro builds page where the table would not take up the appropriate space on the page when switching to another patch.
-Stretched the table on the pro builds page to take up the width of the page.
-The current image for Purification Beads will now be displayed instead of the old one.

-Removed the Meta Boots section from the God page as they do not exist in the game anymore.
-Fixed bugs with the pro builds page.

-Pro builds page will now display pro builds from past patches, starting with this patch.

-Fixed some text on the main page to be slightly less confusing.
-Doing away with the flashing God icons to denote an incoming buff/nerf for now because upgrading to Bootstrap 5 messed it up a little.

-Implemented some small changes to tiers. Results will be slightly different, but still mostly the same as before.
-Fixed a bug where colors on the rank number under the stat names on the God page could have been wrong.
-Rounded the image in the new God banner on the main page.
-Started using the Bootstrap spinner on the God page.

-Added a banner on the home page showing if there is a new God since new Gods get buried on the main list due to not being able to have a tier until they hit ranked.
-Added a link to my Reddit page in the footer.

-Slight changes for the Morgan Le Fay update.

-Added a contact email to the footer.

-Updated to Bootstrap 5.
-Made the buff/nerf strobe effect faster.
-Added an extra row to the pro builds list on the main page.

-Updated Sobek's banner.

-Fixed a bug where stat and build info would not load on the God page if a role was passed or a role button was clicked.

-Made some small internal changes.

-Fixed some internal info that was wrong for Chernobog.
-Fixed a bug where Tiamat's ult info had an extra line at the end that it didn't need.
-Fixed a bug where some Gods did not have a tier assigned when they should have.

-Added most played roles under God name in the God list on the home page and the list extended page. It is also on the God page under the portrait along with the exact percentage that God is picked in that role.
-Stats now change by role. Role filters have been added to the God and stat pages for this.
-Meta builds will change for the role selected on the God page.
-Added a loading spinner to the God page since the loading can take a bit now.
-Meta builds and pro builds will now be hidden when switching to Joust and Duel on the God page to avoid confusion.
-Home page and list extended page both now pass role to the God page.
-List extended page now passes ranked to the God page.
-Removed the last sentence of the blurb about the site on the home page.
-Added role assigned in the match to the pro builds page.
-Changed some margin stuff for the pro name column on the pro builds page.
-Removed world championships text from the pro builds on the God page.
-Removed casual/ranked prefix from titles on the stats page.
-Changed the formatting of the pro builds preview on the God page.
-Changed some footer text on the home page and list extended page to reflect changes made in this update.

-Changed "Team" to "Team Name" and "Role" to "Team Role" on the pro builds extended page.
-Made win or loss text bold on the pro builds extended page.
-Capitalized an instance of the word "God" on the home and list extended page.

-Starting to tweak possible flex God's roles based on their predominant starting items and/or cores; added Tsukuyomi to Solo, Athena to Jungle, Vamana to Jungle, Amaterasu to Jungle, Osiris to Jungle, Bellona to Jungle, Gilgamesh to Jungle. Removed Tiamat from Solo, Guan Yu from Support, Sobek from Solo, Fenrir from Solo, Cerberus from Solo, Hel from Solo, Erlang Shen from Support, Hercules from Jungle, Ne Zha from Support, The Morrigan from Jungle, Xing Tian from Solo, Kuzenbo from Solo, Ymir from Jungle & Solo.
-Added ids to titles for anchor links on the God page.
-Fixed a bug where the Horus and Ao Kuang God pages weren't accessible.
-Fixed a bug where the footnote text for item stats would display on pages with no item stats.
-Fixed some margin stuff on the God column on the main list on the home page and list extended page.
-Reduced the number of rows loaded by default in the pro builds on the main page from 20 to 17 to offset the margin changes in the main God table.
-Ability images in the buff/nerf popups will now use the new Hi-Rez CDN.

-Added meta starters, boots, and relics to the God page.
-Removed text that said to click on the God name for more info from the God list extended page.
-Added a break where the click on the God name for more info text used to be on the home page and the God list extended page.
-Fixed a bug in the meta cores algorithm.
-Fixed some stuff with the margins for the meta cores section on the God page.
-Changed the meta cores structure to match that of the new item stat sections.
-Made it so that all pages with tables with reload their tables on window resize.

-Added meta cores to the God page. Starters, boots, and relics to follow.
-Changed some text about tiers to be more accurate.
-Removed the text about builds being as they are at the end of the game from all pages it was on.
-Removed God name text being gold if it was currently free from the home page and the God list extended page.
-Removed text that said to click on the God name for more info from the home page since the name text being blue now should be enough to indicate it is a link.
-Removed the text about a God being free if it had gold text from the home page and the God list extended page.
-Updated site title for the home page.
-Slightly changed the home page blurb about the site.
-Swapped the God and Pro column on the pro builds table on the main page.
-Rounded the God icons on the pro builds table on the main page.
-Added buttons to move the skins carousel along manually.
-Corrected a mistake where QvoFred had 2 championships listed instead of 1.

-Fixed a bug where Eset's skin pictures weren't loading.

-Changed some footnote text for pro build lists.
-Added footnotes to the pro build lists on the main page and the pro builds extended page.
-Added the footer to the pro builds extended page and the God list extended page.

-Removed Smite Twitter news from the left panel on the home page, moved the God Rankings List over where it used to be.
-Added a preview of 200 most recent pro builds in the right panel on the home page.
-Replaced the blank item icon with the in-game one.

-Changed the responsive tables to be fixed column tables instead so that the user can still sort on mobile views.

-Stats page now sorts by game mode and also now loads through ajax. It also uses the new ApexCharts.

-Chart and stats on the God page now loads through ajax.
-Changed over to ApexCharts from Chart.js so in order to make the update below possible.
-Y-axis patch labels are now color coated red or green if there was a nerf or buff, respectively, for a God that patch.
-Moved the tier icon down to overlap the bottom of the God card.
-God card border now matches tier icon color.
-Fixed a bug where the extended list page wasn't showing.
-Fixed a bug where Joust and Duel graphs with only one patch weren't displaying properly.
-Fixed a bug where Healing would display on the Duel tab if you switched to it on the God page.
-Fixed a bug where Chang'e's page wasn't loading properly.

-Corrected some internal stuff with Anhur that was wrong.

-Fixed a bug where switching from Duel to another game mode would not display the ranked filter as selected right after.

-Fixed a bug where the buffs and nerfs weren't showing properly on the God tables.

-Fixed a bug where switching from Duel to Joust on the list extended page would not display the filters that should be set for that.

-Tables with filters now load through ajax. This should speed up load times drastically. Charts & data on the God and stat pages will soon do the same.
-Added a tiny God image to the title on the stat and extended pro builds pages.
-Changed the responsive table to display the child row automatically.

-Fixed some things with Eset that slipped through the cracks because of her name change.
-Added the change in ranking indicator to the God lists for Joust and Duel now that they have been tracked for a full patch.

-Switched over to Hi-Rez's new CDN.

-Added Joust and Duel stats to the God page. Stats page soon to follow.

-Hid hours on the pro builds match length if it equals 0.
-Updated some dependencies.
-Made the tables more responsive on mobile.

-Added a page that lists all pro builds tracked.
-Tweaked some things with the pro builds preview on the God page.

-Pro builds will now display if the match was a win or loss. No such info will appear for builds where this was not tracked yet.

-Fixed a bug where Tiamat's Joust pick rate was off because of the other bug related to her fixed yesterday.

-Excluded Gods with an under 1% pick rate in duel from getting a tier because that is an indicator that the God is not picked enough to get a good sample size. I also added this explanation to the main page God list footer so that people understand this.
-Fixed a bug where Tiamat's avg. stats were not being tracked for Joust. Also prevented this from happening again for future Gods.
-Tier on the individual God page will now change depending on which list it was requested from. More parts of the page to follow.
-The list extended page list will now send a query string to the God page just like the main page list does.
-Removed the Golden god skins and prevented them from being pulled in the future. This was to be consistent with not tracking the Normal, Legendary, and Diamond skins.

-Made the filters being hidden on page load server side on the list extended page.
-Added the 'Scroll for more' text for mobile to the list extended page.

-Added Joust/Duel info to the extended list page.

-Joust and Duel info added to the home list only, for now. Info will be on the other pages too once I finish them. Keep in mind Duel especially is going to suffer from inaccurate info for a while due to low popularity.
-Removed Vamana from Jungle; added Tiamat to Solo.

-Changed some text on the God page to be less confusing.

-Updated the SPL rosters for the pro builds.

-Fixed some stuff that broke with the new update.

-Collapsibles will now start off collapsed on mobile in order to avoid accidental scrolling.

-More optimizations.

-Made some optimizations.

-Fixed a bug where some data from older patches on graphs was not correct.
-Moved the about page to a section on the main page since google likes to use whatever is there for the site description in search results.
-Replaced the Smite Steam news with the Smite Twitter page.
-Added some 'scroll for more' text to mobile views above the God list on the home page so that people know that the God tiers are at the end of the list.

-Fixed the www domain showing a security alert for not having a valid SSL certificate for real this time.
-Added a date to the pro builds. Ones where the date were not logged will remain with no date. Also changed 'Time' to 'Length' so it doesn't get confused with the date.
-Made it so that the banner video doesn't load on mobile. This should help with the load time.

-Fixed a bug where the dropdown on the tier bubble on the God page was showing Mid for Ao Kuang and Solo for Horus.

-Changed the tier list to only be based off of platinum or above ranked games.

-Made the individual stat page hide the casual/ranked buttons if the God is not currently available in ranked.

-Changed some things internally for King Arthur
-Added an ad to the God list extended page.

-Changed the God list to appear first on mobile devices so that you don't have to scroll through the entire news section to find it.
-Made the spacing in the tier popover on the God page look a little better.

-Changed God page to show most recent pro builds.

-Added pro builds to the God page.

-Added Jungle as a role for Apollo since that's a thing now, apparently.

-Ranked pick rates were wrong. They are fixed now.
-Tried to give The Morrigan more credit for what she could potentially do with her ult.

-My scripts that grab the basic information for Gods went off, but didn't pull in anything new. I changed them to go off later in the day just in case the API just hadn't updated yet or something.
-Some internal info for Set was wrong, so I changed it.
-Minor bug fix having to do with Healing.

-Fixed a bug where prepping Danzaburou for release messed up the win rate/pick rate/ban rate graphs

-Added line(s) on the stat by match time graphs that show the average for the corresponding role(s) of the God.

-Attempted to account for difficulty in tier a bit. Results look OK.
-Did more stuff to make sure Danzaburou's page works automatically when he comes out.

-Got the nerfs/buffs to show on the home table again.
-Added a new page with an extended version of the table on the home page.
-The "All Gods" average on the healing stat page is now only the average for Gods with healing.
-Changed the graph labels on the stat page to be less confusing.
-Fixed a bug where wouldn't redirect to the https site, thus why some people were seeing "Not Secure" when visiting.

-Fixed an issue where the apostrophe in Chang'e was causing issues.
-Changed the avg win rate for all Gods in the stat page to just be a flat 50.
-Added text to make sure visitors know the God name/portrait is clickable.

-Added ads.

-Updated to version 2.0.
-Individual stats moved to a dedicated God page with additional info.
-Added a stat by patch and stat by match time page.
-Added Smite news to the home page.

-Adjusted how healing is counted in tier again.
-Fixed a bug where the difference in Avg Time Dead/Death from last patch wasn't being truncated to 2 decimal places.
-Starting to make preparations for changing over to a page for each God instead of a condensed view.
-More code optimizations.
-Added an "about" page to give the site more context.

-Temp fix for a bug that was preventing the site from loading. It will probably happen next patch too, so I'll have to add a permanent fix later.

-Changed Avg Time Dead/Death to a decimal.

-The tier list algorithm was valuing healers a little too much, so I took steps to make it's impact a little more realistic.
-Changed Avg Time Dead to Avg Time Dead/Death.
-Removed Aphrodite from the Support category.

-Finished some code optimizations.

-Had to remove the fix to remove the white borders around the video banner because I think an update to jQuery/Bootstrap/Chrome broke it, causing a weird box to appear on the right hand side.
-Improved how the tier algorithm deals with brand new Gods.

-Time Dead is now a stat.
-Added a temporary error message for if a new patch is registered, but no matches have been processed yet.
-Changed the graphs to have straight lines instead of curved ones.

-Fixed a bug where maintenance on the Hi-Rez servers triggered the new patch detection.
-Prepping for Time Dead to be a stat next patch. It will display on the dropdown as 0 for everyone and will not be counted in the tier calculation until next patch. This is because the data collected would not match the population size since I started collecting it just now.
-Fixed a bug where I stupidly didn't account for there being more than 2 patches tracked, causing all dropdown info to be from 7.6.

-Undid the new layout.

-Trying a new layout. The dropdowns are messed up because of it, but I'm going to leave it for now.

-Added a change log.
-Changed some internal God data to be more accurate.
-Excluded patches where ranked info was not tracked from being visible.

God Conquest Rankings

# God Casual Win Rate Ranked Win Rate Casual Pick Rate Ranked Pick Rate Ban Rate Tier

*Please note that win rates, pick rates, ban rates, and common roles picked won't be reliable until a few days after a new patch. Conquest(All) tiers won't be reliable until about 5-7 days after a new patch, and for Conquest(Role)/Joust/Duel, it should be about double that. Some Gods may never get a tier because platinum+ players don't pick them enough to get a good sample size.

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